This game is a build of the Mecha Sample Game scene from the Procedural Legs 2D Tool asset. Each character has procedural leg animations,  it is possible to switch between 2 characters with different body structures by pressing "Tab".

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Controls: A (left), D (right), S (crouch), Space (jump), Tab (switch character)

The Procedural Legs 2D Tool helps the creation of different walking or run styles on 2D rigged body legs (with bones or hierarchically only). The legs movement are procedural and uses a combination of IK and positioning calculations.

The system provide a way to save many different settings for the
leg’s movement into a PL2D Animation (examples: “normal walk”,
“stealth walk”, “run”), these can be viewed and edited using
the PL2D Animator component.


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wow, very cool, just to know if I was to have 100 of them running at the same time would it get very buggy?(on a normal computer)

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Hello, thanks for the feedback!

(I've answered your email too)

Unfortunately, it would have an impact, it would not be buggy, but the frame rate would decrease. The IKSolver2D alone is responsible for around 30% of the process and it keeps that percentage while increasing the cycle time proportionally to the amount of units in scene.

Your question was very pertinent, there is indeed room for improvement and I'll make sure to do a more detailed analysis on this case and look for ways to increase performance when updating the asset.

thank you for being honest, I am still very interested in your asset (it looks very cool).