Welcome to the Spa where you can invest some time to let your creativity loop though and relax.
It is endless, goal free, pressure free. Pure bliss, connect the blocks into loops and let your creativity flow while creating some Mandala arts!

All visuals are UI components

Music from: https://archive.org/details/lp-00437_BeG/lp-00437_BeG-record_1_side_B.wav

How to Play (Full on Mandala Spa on Ludum Dare):

  •  Connect the blocks into loops to make them work, don't forget to set their values
    • You can drag drop the blocks and connect the outputs to inputs

  • Duplicate block
    • Hold left-Ctrl + Drag block to duplicate it

  • Releasing connection
    • Hold letf-Ctrl + Drag output/input out of the connection range

  • Example of making the board rotate

Development log

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