Scene with 12 compositions using multiple behaviors and mixed triggers.

Make It Flow is an Editor Tool and Events Framework for Unity that boosts the project with handy events for pointer and system actions. It facilitates and speeds up the development of event based Canvas compositions (Game UI, 2D Canvas Game, App or any Canvas related development) with an editor window to setup, binding and configuration.

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So cool! I am wondering whether can you use button to select options or is it mouse/pad only?

Something like this:

Also, how does it bind the events (like: OnClick, OnSelect and stuff)? Does it work like UnityEvent?

Hello, Hyperkvlt.  
Thanks for the feedback and for the question.

By default it works for mouse/pad mostly, but other events but the Controller buttons, and keyboard events can be created as Custom Events. This particular case is very interesting and I'll definitely look into it to spot possible improvements.

It is bind as a UnityEvent, the framework contains the logic (regarding the default events) for invoking them. The OnClick, OnSelect and the other default events are related to the MFObject, not the Unity's UI Button events.

Hope it helps and feel free to get in touch via email with more info if needed.