Welcome to one of Pacman’s adventure in his own dream land, while kept alive, as a legend it is, in the collective consciousness.

Unfortunate I didn’t implement any in game instructions, so I kindly ask you to read the instructions so you can try to minimally explore the Pacman’s Dream.

Thank you all in advance and I would love to know your thoughts and interpretations on it.

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a symbolical short game that explores the dreaming world of a digital game kept alive by the collective consciousness.

Objective: -To keep alive and gain experience.

Rules: -Walking through the Red enemies will make you lose health; -Collect the Orange leafs to gain health and a dash bubble; -Dashing trough the Red enemies to gain experience.

Mechanic: -Movement is continuous and player changes direction based on the arrows; -You can change the arrow direction when it is Yellow by swiping the left mouse button clicked (or one finger) to the desired direction; -You can dash by swiinge with right mouse button clicked (or two fingers).

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